Joint The Session Every Monday at 4:20

The Hippy Chronicles Podcast

Joint The Session Every Monday at 4:20

The Hippy Chronicles Podcast

I looked at my kingdom

I was finally there

The Mission

At HippyLife, we see the cannabis industry as a community first and business second. Like the plant itself, this community is an ever growing, changing and evolving organism. We commit to help nurture the growth of this community and will always look at what is best for the entire community. With both medical and recreational marijuana markets being opened and expanded all the time, we want to help usher in this new age in a responsible and entertaining way. t is time to normalize this plant and kill the stigma associated with years of miseducation and propaganda. Our show is part education, part motivation, and all entertaining. We are geared towards both the connoisseur and the newbie. And break down topics in a way that everyone can understand. We strive to relay our message in a positive and motivating way, in order to build up the entire cannabis community by spot lighting all of the tireless workers in the industry and show everyone just how serious we are.

Jordyn Yates

"Young Hippy"

Young Hippy is a visionary; one who works non-stop to make life better for those around him. His ideas, creativity, and desire to inspire have driven him to create a platform that challenges all walks of life to be the best version of themselves. This platform sparks the creative, idealistic, loving, caring and, most importantly, free nature that one has trapped inside. 

Kyle Field


Kush Monster Eth aka: K Boog has always been an individual and an artist. He has a passion for art in any form and has a great appreciation for anyone who is willing to create. K Boog grew up in Rockford, IL with summers spent on the Jersey shore with his grandparents. After college, he escaped the cold of the midwest and hung out on the beach in Tampa for a few years before migrating to the dry heat, and home for now, Phoenix Arizona.

K Boog embraces the Hippy Life and his chance to bring positive change locally as well as globally. Whether he is taking pictures, creating videos or just throwing paint on a random object, his goal is to make people FEEL and THINK.

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