Project 4516 (by: Tru|Med)

Project 4516 Genetics:
Gelato #45 x Platinum Puff
Breeder: Compound Genetics
Cultivator: Tru|Med
Find it at: Tru|Med

Project 4516, a cross between Gelato 45 and Platinum Puff. When I first heard of this strain I had no idea what to think. I knew that since it wasn’t even released yet, that finding any information regarding this strain was going to be almost impossible. I even took a shot in the dark and reached out to Compound myself to see if they would share anything. With my luck, I got no where so I left it alone. Eventually, I convinced myself that it was literally just that, a project. A project that never made it to the shelf, until my buddy over at Tru|Med said he had a little something something for me. Now at the time this was pretty normal for him to let me know that there was something waiting for me. However, I knew what he was blessing me with was something special. For one, it came in a glass jar which, never in my life have I seen Tru|Meds flower in a jar. Second, the name was written on the jar. Meaning, that it was so darn new that they didn’t even have the sticker printed for it. What I thought I was reading was Project 4510 and I could not help but think, “How many projects do they have?”. After some clarification from my buddy, this was no Project 4510 but it was that Project 4516 I thought was a myth. Sooo, let’s talk about this Project 4516 bred by the extremely talented Compound Genetics team.


Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates

The bag appeal was by far some of the best I have seen from Tru. The combination of the dark purple buds behind the glimmering trichomes was astounding. This was the Black Dhalia of cannabis and while still in the bag, the extremely heavy smell of gas nearly knocked me off of my feet. The touch of sweetness that followed, I felt was there to keep me from falling on my rear end. It was the same sweetness you would get from a Sherbert or Zkittles. By the time I was done breaking it all the way down, my entire house smelled of sugary, sweet gasoline. You would think I had a few pounds of this strain in the house instead of the little quarter I was holding. If I could give this strain a higher score I would. However this one was a for sure 5 out of 5 in the presentation and smell categories.


The moment I sparked the blunt, my taste buds were drenched with that same sweetness I was getting from the smell. The taste was so clean, I really had check my blunt to make sure I was smoking weed. As I continued, I started to pick up very subtle hints of cream. Enough to get me excited but not enough to keep me there. No worries however, because as I continued puffing the flavor got better with each hit. By the end, I was washed away by a slurry of sweet and creamy gas. This felt way too much like a snack than a smoke session and I am totally ok with that. Another well deserved 5 in the flavor category for Tru.

Photo taken by: Jordyn Yates


Now the high is where I really got my butt kicked. What started off as a, “Oh this is going to be nice.” turned into, “What the heck did they put in this weed?”. Anybody who has been there knows that feeling. Remember that first high that we seem to be chasing? Yeah, this Project had me feeling like it was the first time all over again. It was as if I fell in love with cannabis more at that moment. By the time I was about half way through, I was higher than Mt. Everest. I was so high that every time I took a hit, it would affect my hearing. It was like what you hear as your under water. By the time I was finished, my head was so spacey I had to make sure it was still attached to my shoulders. It has been a minute since cannabis has made me feel that way and for that I gave this strain its well deserved 5 in the high category.

I want to thank my buddy over at Tru|Med for blessing me with the opportunity of trying this strain. If it wasn’t for him and others alike, I wouldn’t get the opportunities to try strains like these as much as I do. Seeing as I only had this strain before months before it first launched, I am super intrigued to see what it is smoking like now. I also hope that this is a strain that we could more of on their shelves. Great job Tru|Med and even better job to Compound for breeding such strong and phenomenal genetics.