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It’s a little over the 48 hour mark. The tap roots are a good enough length for me. I felt it was time to get these babies planted. The method is simple and a little time consuming. However, the results are well worth the labor. For this technique, you will need red solo cups (just use the ones you are germinating in), something to make holes in the bottoms of the cups with, you medium (I’m using coco) a small sifter, a quart container, your TDS pen, clean RO water (reverse osmosis), a pot riser and something to catch the runoff water with.

Step One

For the first step, you are going to want to make some holes in the bottom of your cup. Start by taking your sifter and pouring the water with the seed in it and set it to the side. Take your cup and make sure it is at least labeled with the strains name on it. Then proceed to poke holes on the bottom of the cup. You don’t not have to cover every square inch with holes. You just want to make enough to ensure that the runoff water will drain out the bottom of the cup properly. The last thing you want is your roots just sitting in water.

Step Two

Once you have a good amount of holes on the bottom of your cup, go ahead and fill it to the top with your medium. I am using the Mother Earth 70% coco and 30% perlite mixture. Try not to push any of the coco down into the cup to pack it in there. You want the coco to be loose so that the water can flow through it with ease. If your cup is overflowing with your medium, simply take your hand and wipe it across the top. This will remove the access medium without packing it into the cup. Another reason why this is important is to ensure that the root system is getting the proper amount of air and oxygen flow.

Step Three

The next thing you want to do is get the plant’s food ready. Whatever nutrient line you are using should come with a feeding chart. They recommend you usually mix x amount of nutrients with x amount of water. By doing so you should get the EC (Electrical Conductivity) they recommend on the feeding chart. Once you have the full strength mixture take your clean reverse osmosis water and dilute the mixture. You are going to want to add enough clean water to get the EC to 25% of the recommended number. For example, if they recommend an EC of 1000 you will want to drop it down to 250 for your seedlings. Be sure to PH your water as well. You are aiming for 5.8-6.0 PH. I don’t measure mine anymore since using TeaCo Super Tea. It stabilizes the water and get the PH levels perfect every time.

Step 4

Now that you have your food ready go ahead and drench our medium. Pour enough water that it starts to drain from those holes you punched on the bottom. You will know when you have enough water because the weight of the cup will drastically change. Now set the cup aside and ensure that all the excess water has finished draining. You are almost ready to get those seedling planted.


Step 5

See the first line on your index finger. You’re going to want to poke a hole in the very top of your medium. Stop once you get to the first line on your finger. You do not want to plant your seed too far down seeing as the root system grows downward. You want to make sure your root system is going to have enough space to thrive. This also ensures that the seedlings will receive the proper amount of light needed to be happy.

Cannabis Seedling

Step 6

We are almost to the finish line. It is now time to plant that little gift giver. You want to be extremely careful as you handle your seedling. That tap root is very fragile and one wrong move could easily break the tip of the root. Gently remove the seedling from the flour sifter and plant it in your coco. You want to make sure that your tap root is facing down when you plant your seeds.

Step 7

Once the seedling is planted, go ahead and gently cover it with dirt. I simply just brush the dirt back over the hole and give it a very light press. Again, you don’t pack the cup with your seedling and medium. You just want to make sure it is nice and snug. From there, pick the cup up and move it up and down. Gravity should get rid of that last little bit of run off water that was in the cup. The cup is now ready to be placed in the tent or outdoor garden. Repeat these steps until all your seeds have been planted.

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