Area 51 (Arrested) – Session 74


Area 51 (arrested)
Young HIppy, K Boog, Ariana Dennis, Alisha Apergis, Allison Stein

Ever wonder what happens when you actually step foot on Area 51? Our guest, Mark Pena was Young Hippy’s high school teacher from Independence High. When Mr. Pena isn’t at school educating the future, you can find him looking into some extra terrestrial stuff. Not only has he witnessed the Phoenix Lights but has been “arrested” at Area 51. Yeah we know, mind trip.

Mr. Pena was generous enough to come on the show and share some of his experiences. Let’s just say that if you are into conspiracies, then this is the one episode you don’t want to miss. Mr. Pena will have your mind wandering in places you didn’t even know existed. He really has a way of not only telling his stories but making you actually feel like you were there. We promise this isn’t your typical student teacher interview. This one is definitely unique in every way.

Tune in and take a trip down the rabbit hole. If anything, you can find out what it’s like getting arrested for trespassing on Area 51. We do not encourage anyone to go and find out for themselves. If you do however, or have any Area 51 or E.T experiences please feel free to reach out.

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