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Love is Love Pt.2 – THC Session 137


Tune in as the Hippy’s bring back guests Terran, Stacy J and Chef Patrick back for Love is Love Pt.2. As pride month is still in full affect, so is our passion for love. On this episode, we continue our talk about relationships. We give what we feel are our do’s and don’ts while in a relationship. This was for sure a hot topic. As everyone had some amazing things to say.

We also talked about age gaps and what we would consider the cut off point. The conversation even goes as deep as marriage. This was more of the fellas point of view. For Terran had to step out for a brief moment. However, we did not stroll too far down that rabbit hole. Which leaves room for us to circle back to this topic on the next episode. Nonetheless, the conversation definitely got good to say the least. We also touched up on the length of today’s relationships. And why we feel they are cut too quick along with the cause. You definitely do not want to miss Love is Love Pt.2. Also, be sure to give us a follow on all of our social media platforms for more Hippy fun.

Love is Love Pt. 2 Full Video

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