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New Beginnings
Young Hippy & Steez

As the year was winding down, Young Hippy and Steez wanted to make sure to leave 2021 behind and enter 2022 with some new beginnings. After taking almost three months off, we had more than a lot to talk about. On this episode we dive into mental health, our personal lives, staying true to yourself and living a peaceful life. Prepare yourself as this is one of the most rawest episodes we have put out to date. We give relationship advice along with our remedy for self defeating behaviors.

New beginnings for us means leaving everything in 2021 and rolling into 2022 with a fresh slate. As we are coming off of probably one of the worst years any of us have experienced in our lives, we are ready to do our best to make next year the best we can. It starts with admitting your fault, owning up to those faults and letting them go. Then, set yourself some realistic goals that will better you as a human being. There’s more to it, tune in and get some life coaching from some of your favorite Hippys. If you or anyone you know are battling their mental health, please do not hesitate to seek help. We are also here to talk, smoke or do whatever we can to make sure you know that people care about you.

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