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The Glow Up – Session. 133


Tune in, as we bring in an old friend to celebrate our “glow ups”. Allison Stein aka @dreamingpikny and creator of the Kush Kronicles, came in and gave us a look at her life over the year. As some of you may know, Allison used to be apart of the podcast. She went her own way to pursue her passion for being an advocate for cannabis, and is now doing amazing things a true glow up. Allison is the person you go to when you are seeking any information regarding the Arizona laws around cannabis. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but, passionate about the cannabis laws and defeating the stigma created around this gift.

We also brought in my buddy Pak. Pak is a local caregiver here in AZ. He grows some of the best cannabis I have ever smoked. You may have read some of the reviews on his strains on the Gas Pass. Pak comes through and shares what he has been up to in the garden along with some words of encouragement. If you are finding yourself at road block and considering throwing in the towel. Take a listen to this episode. We promise you can and will prevail.

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