Pablos Revenge (By: High Grade) – A Gas Pass Review


The Return of Pablos Revenge

Pablos Revenge, grown by High Grade. Photo taken by Jordyn Yates. This strain was grown in Phoenix, Arizona.
Pablos Revenge
Genetics: Animal Mints x Sherbert Cake
Breeder: Tiki Madman
Culitvator: High Grade
Find It At: TBD

Pablos Revenge emerges once more, last seen a few years ago through Tru|Med’s efforts. Now, thanks to High Grade, its presence may become a staple. The captivating fusion of Animal Mints and Sherb Cake prepares to captivate the valley. As anticipation mounts, we embark on a quest to uncover the essence that sets this cross apart.

A Visual Delight: Pablos Revenge in Full Splendor

Pablos Revenge is a symphony of perfection. Trichome-draped buds glisten like jewels, catching the light in a mesmerizing dance. They mimic nature’s intricacies, resembling dew on a blade of grass. Vibrant hues, akin to an ultra-HD spectrum, draw the gaze in wonder. The charm is undeniable; a flawless 5 out of 5 for the artistry presented. The buds evoke speechlessness, a testament to their immaculate magnetism and visual brilliance.

I Want More: Pablo Revenges Flavorful Experience

Pablos Revenge Strain grow by High Grade
Pablos Revenge photo taken by Jordyn Yates

The bouquet of Pablos Revenge unveils a sugary serenade, reminiscent of unwrapping red licorice. Amidst the sweetness, earthy undertones emerge, grounding the experience. These subtleties produce the essence of cannabis, yet lack the force to fully get a grip on me. That being said, I could not give this batch more than a 4 out of 5 in the smell category.

Overall Impressions: Pablos Revenge by High Grade

Summing it all up, this batch shines with minimal drawbacks. Beyond scent and taste, no negatives loom. The high delights and the smoke glides with ease. While not quite Gas Pass-worthy, it’s a stone’s throw from that distinction. High Grade’s continued refinement promises even more. Experience the journey yourself and unlock its potential.

What makes Pablos Revenge by High Grade stand out from other strains?

Pablos Revenge by High Grade stands out due to its immaculate visual appeal, vibrant colors, and trichome-rich buds. Its distinctive aroma is reminiscent of sugary sweetness with subtle earthy undertones. The flavor journey brings forth prominent sweetness, accompanied by a creamy finish. The high offers a pleasant experience, while the overall smoothness of the smoke enhances the encounter.

How does Pablos Revenge compare to other strains in the market?

Pablos Revenge distinguishes itself through its unique combination of traits. While the scent and flavor profile may not be overpowering, the strain compensates with its pleasing high and effortless smoke. Its well-rounded attributes, coupled with High Grade’s dedication to refinement, position it as a notable contender in the cannabis landscape.

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